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Lee Thomas - The Stigma Crusher

Lee was born and raised in a small town in northern Alberta. From a young age they were heavily involved in athletics, student government, and other extracurriculars. However, during their teen years they began battling a mental illness. Feeling scared and alone, Lee struggled silently for many years. Their illness worsened throughout their high school years and continued into university, until Lee finally sought help and began the difficult process of recovery.

After Lee began the recovery process, they realized that there were still many people struggling with mental health issues in silence. To reduce the stigma around mental health issues on their campus, Lee founded the #MyDefinition poster campaign in 2014. Since then, Lee has been working as a motivational speaker and mental health trainer, speaking to groups of all ages and sizes about their own mental health experiences, the important of reducing stigma, and LGBTQ+ issues.


Lee's spunk in presenting and passion for reducing the stigma associated with mental illness is refreshing. Lee presents an important message in a clear, comfortable and understandable way."


Canadian Mental Health Association of New Brunswick

Lee's courageous story and emphatic message continue to have a strong effect on our students. We can only hope that Lee's positive attitude and influence remain within our student body as we continue to benefit from her visit."


Liverpool Regional High School

Lee’s infectious positive energy combined with her disarming honesty and eloquence make her one of the most authentic and accessible speakers I have had the pleasure of working with."


University of New Brunswick


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