Stigma Stops Here!


Length: 60 Minutes

Audience: Middle School, High School, University, Adult

The presentation that started it all! “Stigma Stops Here!” won an award for the best student presentation as voted by conference attendees at the East Coast Student Leadership Conference in 2014. This presentation will challenge audience members to think differently about the stigma surrounding mental illness, and leave feeling empowered to make positive changes in their community.  



Length: 45 Minutes

Audience: Middle School, High School, University, Adult  

​The LGBTQ spectrum is huge and diverse, and sometimes it can feel hard to keep up with everything that’s going on. In this presentation, Lee walks people through contemporary LGBTQ terminology and highlights the importance of embracing diversity.

5 Things About Mental Health (that I wish I’d known sooner)


Length: 60 Minutes

Audience: Middle School, High School, University, Adult

This is one of Lee’s most popular and thought-provoking presentations. Through sharing her own experience with mental health, Lee highlights the power of vulnerability, kindness, and self-empowerment.